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by seattlestevecarpetrepair on June 21, 2011

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Since you’re still here, I may as well give you a brief overview about the different types of carpet repairs that you can have us do for you.
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Patch Carpet: Whether you have carpet burns or are remodeling, whether you have a stain, a wear area, or for whatever reason at all, if you need to get your carpet patched, we can do it. We need you to supply the carpet. Most often people do have a scrap or two left over from the original installation. If not, we can remove a piece of carpet from a closet or even from under a piece of furniture. Wouldn’t you rather have some carpet missing in an area that you can’t see rather than have the problem area visable? A carpet patch can save you from replacing the entire carpet. For more information, please check out our Common Carpet Repair questions page.

Carpet to tile transition / Carpet to floor transition: If the carpet is worn out at the area between the carpet and the floor, we will probably need to patch in some new material in that area to fix it. If however, you had some new wood floors or tile or linoleum installed, then you may need us to come out with the proper carpet tools and make it look nice and finished. It looks a lot easier than it really is to do this carpet repair. If you are a homeowner and want to do it yourself, beware! if you cut that carpet just a little too short, it’s over.

Berber run or Berber pull: When one or more loose threads start to (run) across the carpet, you have a real eyesore. Also, once it gets started, it just gets worse… and quickly. Don’t make the mistake of putting tape over the top of it. Then you’ll have a sticky residue and a Berber carpet repair problem.

Carpet stretching: If you have ripples, wrinkles, waves, bulges, bunches or loose areas, you may want to get some exercise or see a doctor for that. If it’s your carpet that has those problems, we can fix it by re-stretching it with our unique tools.

Carpet Seam Repair: If you’re coming apart at the seams, you need to call a girlfriend and have a good heart to heart. If it’s your carpet that’s coming apart at the seams, we can repair it. We use all the special carpet tools, experience and supplies to get your carpet seam looking as good as possible. Note: Carpet seams may never look as good as you want them to.

Carpet Stair Repair:  A great way to make your carpet last longer is to replace just the bottom stairs. This is where your carpet takes the biggest beating. It’s a quick fix that can save you a LOT of time, energy and money and quickly make the room look fresher.

Commercial Carpet Repair: Do you have hundreds or thousands of people walking on your commercial carpet? If so, it’s going to wear out quicker. In the meantime, if it’s rippling, or it has a run or needs a patch, we can do it. Note: There’s no guarantee on commercial carpet repair.  There have been many times that I’ve been called out to make a commercial carpet safe to the public. Sometimes there’s no way to make it safe and pretty and last a long time. If given this choice, I choose to make it safe and ugly. Let’s avoid lawsuits, and then when you can afford to, go buy some new carpet.

Flood Damaged Carpet: Here in Seattle we know something about flooding. we get more water here than just about anywhere else in the country. If you have a flooded out carpet, you need to get the soaking wet padding out, dry out the carpet and then re-install the whole thing with a power stretcher when it’s ready. Call on us for your flood damaged carpet. We can do it.

 Our Guarantee
100%, Unconditional, Unlimited, Lifetime, Labor Guarantee

If you ever…. ever… EVER need us to return to re-repair an area that we charged you to fix before and your carpet is not worn out yet,  we’ll not only be surprised but we’ll return at no charge to you and make it right. If however your carpet is just worn out, then it’s not a problem with our labor, it’s your carpet, and we can’t do anything about that.

So  you’ve read quite a bit about different types of carpet repair. If you’re not ready to

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When you need us, we’ll be here for you, waiting with tools in hand, the engine running, ready to work, a winning personality and an attitude of (we can do it).

I’m Steve Gordon, The Carpet Repair Guy, Thanks for reading, Talk to you soon!

Steve Gordon,

Creative Carpet Repair of Seattle

Carpet Yellowing And How It Can Be Fixed

by Shajia Mirza on October 17, 2013

Carpet yellowing is an annoying problem that most homeowners in Seattle experience from time to time. Determining the exact cause of carpet yellowing can be difficult, but there are several reasons for carpet yellowing.

Carpet yellowing should be fixed immediately to prevent further carpet damage. DIY treatments for this problem can result in carpet discoloration and other kinds of carpet damage issues.

The best way to deal with carpet yellowing is to consult a reliable carpet repair expert. When searching for a carpet repair technician, make sure to check if they have experience in dealing with different kinds of carpet damage problems. A good carpet repair professional will have a look at your carpet and then devise the most effective carpet repair strategy to effectively repair your damaged carpet.

At Seattle Carpet Repair, we have highly trained carpet repair pros who are experts at making use of the best carpet repair tools and techniques to fix your carpet in a way that gives it a fresh appearance.  We pride ourselves in providing the most effective carpet repair solutions for all your carpet damage problems.





Carpet Urine Stain Removal

by Shajia Mirza on October 10, 2013

When it comes to treating carpet urine damage, people have many different ideas to eliminate the stains. According to Seattle Carpet Repair experts, the best idea is one that lets you do it the right way.

Start by blotting damp regions using paper towels right after the carpet accident. The next step involves the application of a small amount of dish-washing detergent on the affected area. It’s important to understand that using detergents that contain lanolin or bleach can have adverse effects on the carpet’s health. In fact, you should even avoid using optical brighteners.

Then, absorb all of the water and detergent solution with paper towels, which should be followed by rinsing the affected area with lukewarm water. If needed, the detergent-application step should be repeated.

Also, make sure that the affected carpet area is rinsed and blotted with the detergent solution unless the appearance of stains on paper towels starts disappearing or the signs of stains have completely vanished.

Once you have used the detergent for cleaning, use two tablespoons of ammonia and water mixture to further clean the carpet. The next step is rinsing with water, repeating, and eventually blotting dry. With the help of paper towels, keep cleaning the area with water and white vinegar solution and blotting dry. Again, use paper towels for drying the carpet out. As far as pet odour is concerned, you can always use reliable carpet-odor removal products available in the market.




Carpet Types That Are Easiest To Clean!

by Shajia Mirza on September 22, 2013

Selecting a new carpet is undoubtedly a great decision so you should ensure that your decision is a wise one. There are a number of factors that should be considered before making your choice. One of the most important things to consider while choosing your carpet is if your choice of carpet can be easily cleaned.

While looking for your carpet, always determine the material the carpet is composed of. Nylon carpets are the easiest to clean, which is why, you will always find nylon carpets in areas with high traffic. Mostly, homeowners are able to keep their nylon carpets clean with the help of regular vacuuming as well as occasional cleaning. Moreover, nylon carpets are quite well at standing up to unsightly stubborn stains.

Other factors involved in deciding what kind of carpet to choose include the color, texture and size of the carpet. No matter what kind of carpet you choose, make sure to keep it clean to avoid carpet damage. Keeping your carpet is easy as you can follow the various do-it-yourself cleaning techniques as well as carpet cleaning products available on the market. But sometimes, things get out of control, and this is when you need the help of a carpet cleaning professional.

At Seattle Carpet Repair, our experienced and highly trained carpet cleaning experts are dedicated to making sure your carpet gets properly cleaned. We are experts at effectively fixing all kinds of carpet damage issues including carpet stains, carpet delamination, carpet burns, wrinkles, carpet seam damage and other forms of carpet damage.





Carpets and Thermal Insulation: The Added Benefit!

by Shajia Mirza on September 22, 2013

Did you know that your carpet’s pile construction plays a vital role in offering thermal insulation? In fact, this characteristic of carpets allows them to relieve coldness at the level of both feet and ankles. Moreover, carpets help in sustaining temperature levels in homes, which helps in reducing heating as well as cooling bills.

Since carpets are highly effective in offering thermal insulation, they can even play a role in extending the usable seating room to the floor level. Yes, with carpets in the house, children have a safe place to play while seniors have a comfortable to work.

According to carpet experts at Seattle Carpet Repair, carpets also help in decreasing heat loss by means of the floor, particularly if carpets are installed over concrete slabs. In fact, carpets serve as highly useful and affordable flooring materials that can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Did you know that the pile density of a carpet along with padding contribute towards  energy saving because of the carpet’s thermal insulation properties. So, by opting for wall-to-wall carpet with dense pile, you can get extremely dense and comfortable carpet padding for your home. This means, carpets are very good insulators as compared to other flooring materials like plywood and concrete.

Here, it is also very important to note that the efficiency of a carpet in offering thermal insulation is based more on the thickness of the padding or pile density and less on carpet fibre type.

Carpet Mold Growth: The Problem of Problems!

by Shajia Mirza on September 11, 2013

Did you know that fungi allergens are present almost everywhere in your house? But, you barely think about this issue, right?

Well, mildew or fungi are microscopic creatures and therefore, it isn’t possible for you to sense their presence 24/7 or realize your exposure to these hazardous allergens.

The extent to which you are exposed to this airborne mold depends on how well you take care of your home. In fact, you may or may not be allergic to certain specific species of fungi. But, at the end of the day, carpet mold and fungal growth is a serious health issue.

So, how do you keep your carpet and home free from these allergens? Seattle Carpet Repair experts suggest frequent carpet cleaning and proper carpet maintenance to eliminate this problem. If you want to effectively extract these contaminants, you should always use efficient cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners and scrubbing solutions.  Regular carpet maintenance is the only way to prevent carpet mold growth.

At Seattle Carpet Repair, we’ve helped many people in eliminating carpet mold growth, which is often associated with problems like slab leak repair concerns. Our qualified technicians offer reliable carpet repair solutions with guaranteed results.

Should You Invest in Olefin Carpets? Part II

by Shajia Mirza on September 5, 2013

In our previous post, we talked about some of the most common olefin carpet pros and cons. Here’s some more useful info about olefin carpeting:

Furniture and Your Olefin Carpet

What many homeowners don’t like about olefin carpets is that these carpets get easily crushed and burned, which is why you have to be extremely cautious while moving furniture on the carpet.

Carpet crushing is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners who have olefin carpets. In fact, leaving heavy furniture on olefin carpets can crush the carpet badly, which damages both the look and comfort of the carpet.  On the other hand, if you move the furniture frequently, your olefin carpet will develop dents in certain areas. Perhaps, this is why many people avoid buying olefin carpets for their homes.

Carpet Burning

In addition to carpet crushing, olefin carpets are even exposed to flash burns. Since olefin comes with a low melting point itself, even a little heat can badly burn the carpet.  This means that dragging furniture across your carpet can permanently damage its olefin fibers. The best way to avoid these burns is making sure that you lift furniture while it is being moved.

At Seattle Carpet Repair, our experienced carpet repair technicians also offer carpet burn repair services at affordable rates.

Should You Invest in Olefin Carpets? Part I

by Shajia Mirza on September 5, 2013

If you’re thinking to invest in olefin carpet for your home, this post can be very useful in helping you understand some of the most common pros and cons of this type of carpeting:

Resists Stains!

Carpets that are made of olefin fibers are known for their exceptional stain resistance quality. Since olefin carpet fibers don’t tend to absorb stains, anything that spills on the carpet gets rolled off the carpet strands, eventually reaching the carpet’s bottom where it gets blotted up.

It is also very important to understand that if a carpet resists stains, it means that the carpet has greater chances of preventing staining resulting from food spills and dirt accumulation but it doesn’t guarantee stain resistance against oils, which can badly adhere to olefin fibers and are extremely difficult to remove.

Don’t Cost Much!

Did you know that olefin carpeting doesn’t cost a lot?  Although a number of factors determine how expensive a carpet should be, the type of carpet fiber used in the manufacturing process is the greatest factor that determines the price.  And this is why, olefin carpets are often cheaper than other types of carpets.

Wear and Tear!

Although olefin carpets are affordable and stain-resistant, their biggest drawback is the problem of wear and tear. In fact, these carpets easily get crushed in normal use, which means that olefin fibers get exposed to irreversible damage.

Carpet crushing, which is a common carpet problem not only makes the carper dirty but also forces homeowners to invest in expensive carpet replacements. If your olefin carpet experiences problems like carpet crushing, our experts at Seattle Carpet Repair can help fix the damage in safe and effective way.



Has Flooding Damaged Your Carpet?

by Shajia Mirza on September 2, 2013

Carpets affected by flooding and water-damage become the most painful headache for many homeowners in Seattle.  Homeowners who are concerned about frequent flood-damage issues are often forced to invest thousands of dollars in carpet replacements.

Fortunately, carpet repair is another option to get relief from the flood-damaged carpet headache, which is even better and more affordable than carpet replacement. At Seattle Carpet Repair, our team of reliable and professional carpet repair technicians not only provides effective carpet repair solutions but it also focuses on fixing all other sorts of hidden carpet damage.

Our experienced technicians realize that flood damage isn’t just limited to carpeting, which is why homeowners end up spending a lot of money on other repairs as well. Understanding the costs associated with these damages, our technicians strive to offer the most reliable carpet repair solutions. Our 

href="">100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee is one such effort for making the process as affordable, satisfactory and reliable as possible.

Our dedicated team of carpet repair technicians uses the latest carpet repair strategies for detecting the nature of the damage while identifying other issues such as unusual moisture levels in the carpeting.  If we identify any signs of mold or other hidden carpet damage, our technicians will devise an effective strategy to fix the problem. After discussing the strategy with the client, time-tested flood-damaged carpet repair strategies are applied to bring the damaged carpet back to life.


What Is Carpet Pooling?

by Shajia Mirza on August 24, 2013

Carpet pooling is a common carpet problem but not all homeowners know about it. Typically, Plushes are more exposed to problems like pile reversal or carpet pooling. And usually, this problem is a consequence of severe pile reversal in localized regions. Carpet pooling can be easily identified by the presence of wet surfaces in dark-shaded carpet regions.

Typically, it appears that these carpet regions have an irregular shape which makes the carpet have certain wet regions. But according to carpet experts at Seattle Carpet Repair, this is considered normal in Plushes, which means that it can’t be categorized as a defect associated with the manufacture of the carpet.

Carpet pooling can also be considered as a consequence of problems with the carpet’s local atmosphere or some other hidden problems. In fact, many carpet manufacturers don’t even take this seriously.In a number of carpet pooling cases, carpet replacement is the only solution. However, it is important to understand that carpet pooling is more like a carpet characteristic rather than a carpet defect.

So, if you think your carpet is facing any problem like carpet pooling, let our experienced carpet repair experts at Seattle Carpet Repair examine your carpet first in order to determine if there’s a serious problem with your carpet that needs professional repair.


What To Look For In A Carpet Repair Expert

August 15, 2013

Google It! It is true that local advertisements offer an insight into local options, but these options aren’t as diverse and detailed as options given by a simple search on Google. The best way to find reliable carpet repair service options at the local level is to type in carpet repair-related phrases on Google for […]

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